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Let me tell you about 3WP (3 Wellness Pillars) and how to change your life.

Coaching for YOUR Real World

No more ups and downs trying to fit into the latest "fad". Let's design something that works for you! 

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Group Coaching Available

The easiest way to launch YOUR wellness journey is to join a group of like-minded peeps that want to cheer you on!  Check out Facebook for our latest coaching series! 

Do you have a group of 6 or more? Email CoachPeggy@3WellnessPillars.com for your custom group program.

What is it like working with Coach Peggy???

Have a seat on the Coach Couch. Oh crap, hold on…where in the heck is my unicorn coffee mug? Got it. MMM love that aroma-nothing like it. Okay, back to your question…

Not a one size fits all method...

First of all, it’s a challenge for even me to explain what it is like to work with me. It would be so easy to say, ‘Go to the Expresso Yourself section and read a few testimonies.’ Yet, I have heard a few clients say, ‘I don’t know how to explain what you do, so I just tell people to sign up, work with you and then they’ll know.’


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created on the foundation of three wellness pillars. 

Like duh, right.

Pillar #1 is Nutrition. 

Did you know that nutrition is 80% of getting to and staying at a weight loss goal?

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Pillar #2 is Exercise/Movement.

We don’t use it, we lose it, Sista.

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Pillar #3 is Mindset/Behaviors/Habits.

Pillar #3 is The Glue. Without a positive, strong and challenged Mindset, frankly Pillar #1 and #2 cannot stand. They crumble like my Momma’s Carrot Cake.

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Find the FUN

Success only happens if we find what works for you.

Wait... What??

Coffee & Donuts from a Wellness Coach?

So Let's Work Together!

We pride ourselves in the ability to help you understand your current REAL LIFE and how you can live a healthier lifestyle based on your desires and needs. Yeah, like your life. What a concept.


"After just one series with Peggy I have learned not only so much about nutrition but so much about myself. My first series has taught me how to push through difficult situations, how to make the best decisions for myself, and how to make actual lasting changes. Words can’t describe how excited I am to continue doing her series, and I recommend Coach Peggy to anyone who is willing to become a better version of themselves!"

Katherine Ross

"Health and wellness didn't get real for us until both of us moved in the same direction. Coach Peggy helped us to get real, real fast. We learned our own love languages and came to know how to support one another and use each other's strengths. There was renewed flame even after 30 years of marriage."

Jo Speilvogel

Dianne Bertini

I will absolutely be calling on Coach Peggy to help when I falter or hit a wall. I am so grateful to Coach Peggy for teaching me how to honor and prioritize my wellness while living my full and beautiful life.