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Testimonials and Shout Outs

“Katie, is our Baby Bird. She probably hates that I call her that. She has blossomed and taken flight. Katie has been a delight to get to know and her growth personally and professionally has expanded leaps and bounds. Her Mindset (Pillar 3) had a few cracks as we all do, but after much introspection and taken actions – trust me, she will make a big footprint on this world – even with her pint-size stature of 5 ft tall. Yes, Katie, I said it.”
For years I strived for change and continuously failed. I couldn’t understand why I wanted change so bad but just couldn’t make it happen. Coach Peggy has helped me realize how and why all of my attempts to change haven’t worked. IT’S ALL ABOUT BABY STEPS, She has showed me which baby steps to take to reach success and has been there through each baby step 110%. Having her by my side through this process of change has been so incredible, she has pushed me to levels of success I didn’t even know I could reach. It is amazing to have someone there that’ll push you but genuinely care about you at the same time. I didn’t join Coach Peggy’s series to lose weight, I joined her series to understand my body, mind, and soul better, and that’s exactly what happened. After just one series with Peggy I have learned not only so much about nutrition but so much about myself. My first series has taught me how to push through difficult situations, how to make the best decisions for myself, and how to make actual lasting changes. Words can’t describe how excited I am to continue doing her series, and I recommend Coach Peggy to anyone who is willing to become a better version of themselves! -Katherine Ross

“It's time to hear from Carleen. We all love Carleen. She is Family...She is my "Stealth Client" - she has lost a significant amount of weight over the last year in a "non-weight loss program." Why? Because she has stayed committed to Baby Stepping Healthy Habits into her Real World. She has realized that she is in control - no one will move for her and knowledge isn't everything. It is action, accountability and tweaking over and over and over again.”

I have either been on or off a diet my whole life. In 2017, I was on a Facebook group where I came across Coach Peggy. I reached out to her, and joined my first online series in hopes to lose weight yet again even though she told me it’s not a weight loss program. Having a coach and being part of group was something I had not tried before. My only comparison had been going to Weight Watcher meetings. Fast forward, and I have completed several series with Coach Peggy, and have met some of the most supportive group of women traveling on this wellness journey with me. I now realize I knew a lot about dieting but that’s it. There is so much more to wellness, and that is what Coach Peggy will teach you. I am excited to keep learning, and I am happy to say I will not be on or off a diet again. This really is living in wellness. Carleen Carter

“Elaine - what do I say about Elaine? What do I not say about Elaine? She came to me via existing clients. Ya know the, "I cannot explain it, Elaine, you have to do it" chatter when it comes to sharing what my coaching style or what a series is all about. She was in her own words as you will see below - "a bit reluctant" - not that she has control issues. Love you, Elaine. But I tell ya I will give her credit where credit is due. She works hard - at first she worked hard at not wanting to work hard-just sayn. She didn't want the wellness thing to be so damn hard. Guess what? She is normal, right? But she is one of the most dedicated to not just improving her health but that of those around her-friends, family, community. She understands it takes unique spins on wellness to get there and that there is no END. I am so glad Elaine is part of my 3WellnessPillar Family. Take the floor, Elaine.”

"I started this "Wellness Journey" rather reluctantly. But 5 months in, I lost nearly 30 pounds, and through the holidays! But more importantly, I have changed the way I think in so many ways. I am eating healthier, moving more, and feeling so much more positive in many ways. Working with Peggy has brought me to some real moments of clarity, where I find what I really need to work on. Even more importantly than that, I am slowly but surely moving from over thinking to ACTION. I have met some really fantastic people in the virtual series and in the couples Retreat, which was way more than I expected or imagined. We all enjoyed the couples retreat so much we are committed to a reunion next year! I can't wait!"


“I began working with Peggy three years and 50 pounds ago. Her wisdom, experience and boundless energy was key in helping me take the weight off and keep it off. She understands the human experience and how difficult it is to change unhealthy habits. I have worked with her one-on-one and in groups. All of us loved and valued her. She is supportive, yet, will be a strong friend to help you face reality. Peggy is phenomenal, and I could not have done it without her. Love her and mean it.” -RS

“It is Laurie's turn. What a great few years it has been watching her spin that mindset to totally work for her instead of against her. She has lived in maintenance for a few years now, and we both know it took baby steps and due diligence to get there. Though she is an Upholding, Fresh Starter, Dive in, Get After It – Get Results chic. A little bit of a worker bee, keeping her 3rd Pillar in check (Mindset), keeps her from sliding back into old habits where self-care is last on the list. She learned to “lower the bar” - I know anyone reading this is rolling their eyes, but you get it now. She learned that jumping through hoops and getting an A - is her worst enemy long-term. Wellness is about consistency and accountability and, of course, ACTIONS. Laurie, you are in the 3WellnessPillars Family forever.”

“I have known Peggy for several years now and continue to learn from her and rely on lessons learned from her each and every day. My journey with Peggy started out, in my view, as focusing mostly on weight loss. However, I quickly came to understand that her teachings are far more reaching than just weight loss. Weight loss was a byproduct of learning how to have a balanced life - healthy physically, healthy nutritionally, and most importantly healthy mindset. I consider Peggy, and describe her to others, as my life coach. My life since meeting her and working with her has been enriched in so many areas, but mostly I have learned to engage in my own journey and to work on a healthy mindset and watch everything else fall into place with ease. I urge anyone to reach out to her, join a series, attend a retreat - it will literally change your life." –Laurie Daniels

“Jo...Jo...Jo...we go a way back, baby. I have watched you embrace the journey of health and wellness for years. What I love the most about your transformation is that you have changed your mindset from thinking that a strict diet or an all-or-nothing exercise program is what would keep you healthy and you thoroughly understand it is about treating yourself as a science experiment and trying what works for you – and having the authority without asking for permission to fine tune it. And whoduhthunk after coming to the Couple's Retreat...we would grow your personal relationship so beautifully after 30 years. SEE wellness is full spectrum. So glad you are in the 3WellnesPillars Family, Jo, & now STEPHEN.”

Coach Peggy and I have been on a long journey together.  I met her in Boot Camp at the University of Colorado the beginning of an entire year together – a week with a large group along with weekly online group meetings – finding the way to make me healthier, lighter, happier.  After another year or so, we reconnected as Coach Peggy started offering wellness series.  I was intrigued and began series after series, delving deeper into the 3 pillars of wellness.  I have been part of the series for and even joined her for a woman’s and a couple’s retreat where health and wellness didn't get real for my husband and I until we both moved in the same direction. Coach Peggy helped us to get real, real fast. We learned our own love languages and came to know how to support one another and use each other's strengths. There was renewed flame even after 30 years of marriage.  I also have worked with her one-on-one for a power hour, during a mini retreat just for me, and currently in a Trio series with two other ladies. The diversity of her programs keeps you coming back for more.

Why have I spent so much time with Coach Peggy, it might be that she has so much experience that she can anticipate a hiccup in my journey and offers ways to experiment to solve them, experimenting on myself and not by myself.  She keeps things simple – 3 pillars to wellness – building strength in each pillar allows me to create a healthy vessel to live, thrive, and enjoy life.  Coach Peggy should be called the 4th pillar! 

I have developed so many healthy habits and discovered so much about me that I am no longer stressed about my health or tempted by quick fix diets and gadgets.  Developing healthier habits takes time – it is much better spending that time with others in her series and retreats than struggling on your own.” - Jo Speilvogel

“I have worked with Steve before, and this time around working with him and Heidi as a couple has been an honor. The Levins who not only support each other in becoming healthier, but truly desire a healthier family to include their sons. When two people are willing to get their knuckles bloody and do the work which isn’t always easy especially with the level of transparency, authenticity and risk of working as a couple, their success increases dramatically. Watching them build wellness into their lives and rid the black and white thinking has, thus far, been the most rewarding, but we are just starting the ride.”

“My wife Heidi and I have recently started working with Peggy. I met Peggy while attending Destination Boot Camp in Denver a few years ago. I came away from that program determined to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. For a year, I did my required 70 minutes of exercise 6 days per week, mostly riding a mountain bike. I followed the program pretty well and was successful losing weight. This time, as in many times before, I’d been successful losing weight. Where I have never been successful is keeping weight off for good. Many of these programs are good at dealing with getting you to lose weight but I’ve never been part of a program that asks the question, “How did I get here?” Peggy asks that question first.
Up until recently, my wife hasn’t really struggled with her weight. Now in her 50’s, things have changed. We decided it was time to get serious about our health, especially now that we are on medication for diabetes. I really enjoyed my time with Peggy at DBC and knew she would be a great resource. Through online sessions and completing worksheets and personal histories, she is learning about what got us to where we are and is helping us to understand more about ourselves and our health. Peggy addresses all aspects of health – nutrition, fitness, and sleep. She deals with the whole person rather than just looking at food or exercise. She understands that stress reveals itself in many ways and solutions to that stress varies depending upon the individual. It’s no longer the “all or nothing” approach to diet and exercise. It’s not about the 70 minutes a day exercise and watching every single morsel that goes into your mouth. What Peggy’s work is about is maintaining a healthier life style that can be managed not conquered.
We are steadily working on creating a more active lifestyle by adding activities for better self-care, like scheduling massages on a more frequent basis. We acknowledge that we have a long way to go, but also know that lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. We are so happy with the program that we recently signed up our 17-year-old son to work with Peggy, and he is thrilled. Our oldest son, who is 21, also is talking about signing up. We look forward to becoming a healthier family of fit mind and body.” –Steve & Heidi Levin

“When you say – ‘We go waaay back,’ it can make ya feel a tad old. But Carol and I go waaay back-about 20 years to my corporate wellness days. She was a pivotal leader and participant in a very successful program that ended up being trademarked and winning multiple WELCOA awards. Carol and I remain close to this day, and I am very proud of the wellness mentor she has become. She lives it and is the epitome of – self-care is NOT selfish.”

“I met Peggy years ago when I was at my top weight and was in the worst shape of my life. I went to Peggy as our company's wellness coach as part of a wellness program. She helped me see that my weight loss and health goals were a journey rather than a destination. To this day I still use the 4 corner approach to my health journey and because of Peggy I work to maintain a balance between; sleep, food, hydration and activity. I began a health journey shortly after my meeting with Peggy but it didn't really kick start until the fall of 2013. Peggy introduced me to another tool (State of Slim) that I continue to follow today. I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off over the past 7 years with the exception of 5-10 pounds from time to time.

Regardless of what plan or tool I have chosen over time, Peggy has been with me through it all and her coaching and tough love is what keeps me going.” –Carol Calacino

“Mercedes has the purest, warmest, most empathetic heart I know. Seriously. I bet my donut on it! Though these are amazing and rare traits, they take a toll on one’s health. They are my selfless caregivers. The ones that sacrifice their happiness, their doctor visits, their sleep, their water consumption. She is a worker bee. Will she change – nope. Can she continue to modify her edges and keep some self-care built in – yes. Did we have to work on Red Flags so she can see she needs to dial it back and build in her own wellness – oh yeah. Do we still work together – fosho. We get together about 3-4x a year and regroup. She is very dear to me. She has 3WP Family status for life.”
“I met Peggy while working at a local hospital. Immediately Peggy and I connected. She has such a presence about her. She makes you want to be the best you can be. Peggy was always helping myself and others trying to balance work and home, health and wellness. I have taken nutrition classes in college and yet I was never really applying it to my everyday life. You know what you need to do but sometimes getting there is the hard part. Peggy was always working with me to figure out what would work with my work schedule and my "picky, picky" eating. Peggy never made me feel bad for not doing the things I needed to do but wanted to learn why I wasn't. Peggy never stuck me in a cookie cutter diet but always gave me different ones that my work for me and helped me take baby steps. I would always lose 10-20 pounds and then it would come back with vengeance. Peggy has always been such a "cheerleader" in my life along with health and wellness and just believing in me that I can do anything. She always called me out when needed and didn't let me give excuses. She held me accountable for the choices I was making. She seems to know things are going to happen before they do. One instance I remember…we were working out in the gym and she was trying to bring to my attention my old thinking. (When I wanted to drop weight I would dress with lots of clothes on and workout as well as skip meals).) Deep into the workout, she kept asking how I was feeling and I was “fine” I would say. My form was starting to be compromised, my face was red, and I had no energy. Within in a few minutes, I vomited. Peggy knew what would happen, she was just trying to bring home that my old ways weren’t working for me.

Through work and friendship I learned to trust her and learned a different spin on health and wellness. I always had a mindset in order to lose weight I had to sweat like a pig, eat things I hated or didn't like and take hours and hours running or I wouldn’t keep it off and for these reasons is why I kept giving up and would yo-yo. Peggy designed my wellness around my schedule and the foods I liked including eating my culture foods. I learned more about carbs and portion sizes. The biggest changes came with work-life balance. I never said no to anyone so I was constantly running 90 miles an hour at work and home. I would grab whatever I could and sometimes though I had the food I would forget to eat it. I learned the what, when and why of eating. She was the first one I ever had to explain the WHY. She learns about you as the person, what your lifestyle is, your likes and dislikes, current and older issues whether with food or life. And relationships, and to this day I keep learning and she never criticizes. I still reach out via text or a call for support to share I messed up or I gained X amount of weight, she asks what is going on in my life, we celebrate the choices I did make and what do-overs I would have made and where we can modify moving forward. After you work with her, you start to recognize emotional eating and self-sabotage. She guides and helps YOU DECIDE. I would recommend Peggy to anyone. She is not only a great coach, but she is a great friend who cares about all people. She doesn’t just help and vanish. She is there to see you through life with enthusiasm and passion.” –Mercedes Wright

“How many of us have a “job” or a “passion” and your family really never knows what you do or you never really have shared it? That would be me. Who I am and What I Do is simply just one and the same. I live it so there is no sit down, Power Point presentation of “Yo, What’s Up – A Day in the Life…” Therefore, my family probably rolled their eyes behind closed doors for decades as they graciously earned Emmy’s listening to me preach health, wellness and life principles, my newest concept or how stoked I was about the newest study or article I read. Lord, bless their little souls. Angi is 6.5 years younger than I am, and frankly we didn’t become super close until the last three years. I mean I have always been there for her and always “helped,” yet I see now, II tried too hard. She just needed to find her way when she was damn good and ready and wanted to find the best version of herself. After 11, six to eight virtual virtual women’s series and a women’s wellness retreat she went from this insecure, a little down on herself, doubting cutie to a badass chic who knows a carb from a protein, how to build exercise into her lifestyle, how to nurse herself through surgeries and not fall off the wellness wagon, how to modify her diet from trying food experiments like no bread and no meat and decide what she wants to eat NOT what the world tells her is the best way to eat, and she has maintained her weight for over two years. Not common. Actually super fantastical. Unicorn rider. She is now considered what I call a “Vet” in my groups. I mean just look at how she blows it out of the park with her story below. You go, YOU! I am so blessed to have watched you become as smart, strong and brave I knew you always could be.”

“I have struggled with my weight for all my adult life. A few years ago, when Peggy was starting her series of wellness, she asked me to join the group of women and see if what she teaches could help me. She wanted to give me a different approach with the support of other women going through the same yo yo weight loss and gain as myself. I enrolled in her first series having no idea what to expect. Three years later, after being a part of every series she has taught, I have learned that it isn’t about weight loss at all. It is about the 3WellnessPillars; mindset, nutrition, and exercise. I learned that digging deep in the soul as to why or what I ate is partly because of our emotion at the time. She taught me that if I could dig deep into my emotions and deal with the yucky, I will then be able to move on and then attack the nutritional and exercise aspect of my wellness as well. She pushes me with the tough love approach and she can see things in me that I can’t see, but she has a way of bringing it out so I can see it. She has taught me that you can still succeed with baby steps, how to form habits and a little movement is better than no movement. Before you know it I am establishing a healthy living and becoming the best “me” that I can be. She teaches me that it is ok to not be perfect and that we all have setbacks but it is recognizing that we can get right back on the wagon. She taught me that I don’t have to give up the foods that I love but rather how to eat them in moderation and incorporate healthy foods into my daily meals. Her approach is not cookie cutter and she knows what she is doing. She never gives up on anyone that she is working with. I am blessed to not only call her my coach and my friend but to call her my sister.” -Angi H.

“When someone asks me to think of a person that makes me smile just by them smiling – I always think of our 3WP Family member, Dianne. Every single series she has been in the positivity, motivation and enthusiasm everyone feels is palpable. I selfishly would keep her around to just brighten my day. The last six months, her mindset has been on overdrive and has taken the lead keeping her nutrition and movement on point. Her introspection growth has been exponential. She is transparent and not hesitant to ask myself or her series’ members for suggestions or guidance. She quickly adapted to the concepts of our 3WP Wellness Wheel where we focus on 14 dimensions to include creativity, social environment, professional world, organization and more. This was vital in teaching her that all dimensions need to find some balance to keep the wheels on the Wellness Wagon rolling toward improvement and a lifetime of success. She has also worked diligently in embedding her knowledge into her family life. Take it away, Dianne, my Sleep Cycle Bear.”

“I was referred to Peggy by a friend. When I asked my friend about Peggy's series, "Do you eat Paleo, Keto or Whole 30? Does she give you a workout schedule? What's it like?" She replied, "You can do any diet and any exercise program you want. The sessions are work. It's like taking a class on YOU." It sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I know how I should be eating and how often I should exercise and what makes me feel good and not, but I seemed to lack motivation, consistency, discipline and accountability. I am a busy working mother of 2; derailments and excuses abound. I was looking for a Coach to help me understand why I wasn't prioritizing my wellness and how to overcome that. I was looking for a plan of action that works in real life that I could use for the rest of my life. That is exactly what I found with Coach Peggy.

I took series after series with Coach Peggy in 2018 and learned tools and techniques, had many "AHA" moments, learned to give myself grace and go for the B-C+ grade rather than the A, and loved the support and encouragement from group members. Prior to working with Coach Peggy, I experienced extreme daily fatigue. I had blood work done which revealed nothing, so the doctor chalked it up to my getting older. I call B.S. Through working with Peggy, learning about my chronotype and honoring that, recognizing and breaking my sugar addiction and being consistent in the 3 pillars of wellness, I no longer experience fatigue the way I had for the 2.5 previous years. When that level of fatigue does set in, it's because I am not taking care of myself. I now recognize what pillar(s) is falling short and how to strengthen that in order to be my best self.

My kids are watching, and now they see me taking care of myself rather than running myself to the point of depletion. My husband has noticed the changes, especially in the category of self-love - happy wife, happy life is true after all. I will absolutely be calling on Coach Peggy to help when I falter or hit a wall. I am so grateful to Coach Peggy for teaching me how to honor and prioritize my wellness while living my full and beautiful life.”

Faithful client and huge fan of Coach Peggy,
Dianne Bertini

“And well, here we go..a “client” with a bit of a muddy water story.. Ya know how you always hear “Don’t mix business with pleasure?” Well with Monika, there really wasn’t much of a choice. Call it the Universe, God, Spirit or…but I knew the waters would be muddy with this chica, and it was worth the risk. We have always been able to keep the Coach/Client versus Friend/Family lanes separate. Monika has absorbed every single comment, observation, technique/strategy, and tool I have thrown her way. At times, some were not the “right time.” But she listened and months or even a year later, she would say the rare Taurus comment, “You were right, dammit” or “You piss me off that you always seem to know.” Monika is a beautiful soul and maybe that is why I have had such an un describable fondness for her and a desire to get and keep her healthy whether physically or emotionally – because selfishly I just frick’n want the broad around a long time.”

“My name is Monika Tuell, I am 50 years old, married, mother of four and grandmother of one. I have known and been friends with Peggy for over 20 years now. I met Peggy when we worked for the same company and she was the wellness coordinator at that time. I joined her program and quickly learned how passionate she was for health and wellness and helping others. I always liked her “whole person” approach, sleep, water, exercise, food and mental health. We clicked right away, she looks at you in the eyes when she talks to you, she earns your trust through confidentiality and genuine compassion.

Through our 20 years of friendship, Peggy has helped me understand myself better by asking the difficult questions that you should really know about yourself and she holds me accountable. We talk about all things, nothing is off limits with us, she shares herself openly as do I. This is definitely a process, constantly understanding yourself as you change through life due to life experiences. Peggy’s knowledge has changed with that as well, she keeps on trends and debunks the junk and it always seems to come down to what she has always known, sleep, water, exercise, food and mental health. Her tenacity for life is unwavering, you feel better just being around her because of the energy she puts off and that surrounds her. I knew when I met her, we would be lifelong friends, she has been a blessing.

Like everyone else I suppose, the journey hasn’t always been easy, hormone changes, weight gain, weight loss, dieting, exercise, no exercise, etc. I believe I’m finally at a place where I am making life choices for me and my health. Just recently I met with Peggy when she was in town and I told her about what I am working on and doing, she reviewed my lab work with me and listened intently, offered advice so that I could be successful in my journey and was proud of me for the work and commitment to myself. Peggy has this sort of sixth sense, she will text me out of the blue and make sure I am doing okay because she had a feeling I may not be and sometimes its just to check in and say hi. We are lifers, in it together til the end, nothing I wouldn’t do for her!” – Monika Tuell



“Nikki is my naturally beautiful, eccentric, gypsy, old soul girl. Though perhaps none of those descriptors she would use for herself. She has this particular look she gives me. How do I describe it…it starts with a look up to the right, a scrunched up nose and I can almost hear her thinking as she talks to herself, ’I hear what Coach is saying, I kinda get it, but I am not sure, like hmmm, well what to heck, so uh okay, I get it, oh.’ My point, is that every single concept or mantra or tool/strategy, or process I have shared, taught, expressed or provoked her to execute, she has embraced with a sincere level of introspection and which has sharpened her acceptance of “whole”istic health (nutrition, exercise, mindset/habits/behavior management) and has heightened her awareness and follow through. When a client is willing to say they want to increase their rate of completion, match their do to their say, be held accountable and stretched outside their comfort zone you know they sincerely want more growth than a shift on the damn scale. Nikki sparks my creative bug. Why? Because she literally will at least try whatever I throw at her and her sincere desire to be a positive and healthy role model to her children is heartfelt. The most notable improvement as of late is her willingness to shift her self-care thinking from a feeling of “no-time, got things to do, it doesn’t feel authentically deserved” to realization she is the driving force and hub of the wheel at home and often at work. And if she wants to keep the wheels rolling on her own Wellness Wagon, she better keep the spokes strong at work, home and play. I am so proud of this girl.”

“I’ve had this gnawing feeling that each new time I’d try a lifestyle change, or cleanse, or diet, that this might be the one. Yet time after time, I’d get 85-90% there and then it would get hard, and life would get in the way and old habits would start to creep back in. I’d feel discouraged, alone, like I lacked something that perhaps other people had (discipline, integrity, grit, desire). There would always be the hope and excitement that came with a new exercise class or pair of running shoes, yet the older I get and the more complex my life has become it seems like these little boosts to my lifestyle in the name of health just weren’t quite enough and really ignored the bigger picture of true wellness.

I found Peggy on a FB group page and what caught my attention was her message about having someone in your corner. That couldn’t be more true! After having completed several group series, I’m now working with Coach Peggy one-on-one. The groups were fun and stretched my thinking, and were simply chock full of self-discovery. As she says, “you are your own best experiment”. Through the series I got familiar with a lot of Coach P’s strategies and really began to feel like I was working on my goals in an authentic way, that takes into account all of me. That was last year. This year I’m working one-on-one and it is so much more personal. What’s interesting is I feel like it’s an indulgence, like I’ve discovered a secret that no one else has. It is so different from saying I’m doing a special diet or training for this future event. I have this incredible coach in my corner, as a guide to self-discovery to fully become the woman (wife and parent too!) I think I can be, living the life I really want full of wellness and self-care.” ~Nikki D