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Hi – SUP?

Today, I am just chilling out on the lanai trying to figure out what bird is singing that caw-caw, whistley, annoying but sorta soothing song. I wonder if it is some kind of bird world mantra - repetitively preachy for sure.

It makes me think about my mantras and concepts and how I probably seem rather repetitively preachy. And how ironic, guess which mug I am swigging my coffee out of this afternoon? It’s a one-of-a-kind 3WellnessPillars mantra mug “YOU ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL.” Just about everyone I know has heard me rant You Are Not That Special. I know it sounds mean, right?!\

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Well let me explain.

Life happens to all of us - the ups and the downs. And I have heard about every single excuse out there.  “I couldn’t work out or eat well or sleep or [insert whateva ] this week because…my car broke down...I lost my husband left me...I... [insert whateva]. My preaching kicks in right about here. Everyone has the ability to find solutions. Everyone has the ability to do nothing. Both actions take time and energy.

There are one hundred ways to improve our wellness journey regardless of any single thing happening to us or around us. Injured ankle, work out your arms. Jerky spouse, get a massage. Too hot out – too cold out…seriously!!! Grr.

No matter the situation, you can find solutions. Feel the emotion and find ways to take any baby steps to eat healthier, improve sleep, move more and be positive. You can do it. But don’t do NOTHING. So you ARE special BUT NOT that special – ya know. THUS MY MUG.

When you visit the 3WP products catalog, you will see direct and simple messaging. I have chosen to keep it simple. Simple mantras, concepts, colors, fonts. You will get the vibe when you browse 3WP products. This catalog and its products will continue to evolve.


I can see the pair of feathered screeching singers now. I still don’t have a clue what the green legged, red beaked, black dressed fowl are, but I have decided they sort of are special. Don’t tell them that though. Hee hee.

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Finally, I want to tell you that I created these products as reminders. Reminders to clients I have worked with. In hopes their healthy habits would embed deeper by tossing on a T. Shirt or using a back pack or seeing their phone cover daily and because I wanted clients to be put in situations where they would be asked “What does that mean?” when others saw the mantra or concept be sported around the office, gym or town.

When any of my clients or customers can have a conversation around:

  • You are not that special
  • #A**OffTheCouch
  • FearNotx365
  • Tell me something I don’t already know
  • The T- O- O’s (too tired too hot too cold excuses)
  • Do what you CAN DO not what you CANNOT do
  • I won’t quit, but I might cuss the whole way
  • Don’t Tomorrow Yourself to Death and more…

Just know somewhere I am sitting, sipping some coffee and smiling.

3WP Products are all about Reminders and Conversation Starters.

And don’t forget to find your very own LOVE YOU, MEAN IT product. Coach loves you all, and she means it.

shop 3 wellness pillars

Ready to shop again? In our 3WellnessPillars store, you will find many quick-witted, everyday products sure to make you have a few interesting conversations or at least offer you a few kick a** reminders. If you have an awesome Coach Peggy mantra or concept stories to share or a product you would like us to supply for you, send us an email at: