Get Real with Coach Peggy

I have 30 years’ experience as an integrative wellness and fitness coach working with many clients all over the world to include a variety of disease states and fitness capabilities and applying strategies in the corporate world and medical settings.

My mission is to offer diverse coaching programs-something for everyone: one-on-one, partners, buddies, Master Classes, small group series, corporate wellness and wellness retreats. We design and deliver creative and innovative theories, strategies and tools based on our three pillars of wellness model: 1) nutrition 2) exercise, and 3) mindset/habits/ behavior management. We meet clients on their personal wellness path – in their Real World which is the only place it will embed long term.

Yes, bar-none expertise and experience sets us apart, but it is my wealth of incomparable passion that separates us from the pack. I don’t churn clients for money – we want to witness your life-long success! Once a client-always Family. You are missing out if you are not in the 3WP Family.


Let me ask you, how often has a diet book author, personal trainer or coach asked you, “Do you work 60 hours or 10? Do you have 4 children or none? Do you have diabetes or heart disease, under or overweight? Do you have a spouse that constantly sabotages all your goals?” 

Let me grab my wallet, so I can put my money on the NEVER ASKED button.

So... why don’t they ask those specifics?

After all, THIS IS YOUR REAL LIFE? With me, if you want the real answer, ask. If not, I am not the Coach for you. Soooooo here you go…Frankly, they don’t ask because you take too much time for them to figure out. They want to sell you a one-size-fits-all diet, program, mantra and move on to the next sale. Yup – you are a number.


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