Pillar One: Nutrition

What is Pillar Number One?

First things first…I hear the sound of steam rolling off my “enjoy your brew” message on my Keurig. And it’s time to pour in my vanilla Premiere protein drink as my “creamer.” YES, protein. AAAH, look at the smile on my face. I love bellowing rifts of savory java bursting out of my favorite Unicorn mug.

Now I want to invite you to my special, once-in-awhile afternoon party. It occurs about twice a month and let me tell you it is a party. Time: 2:30 p.m. ET. And here it comes…the party entails, of course, my…java…and … wait for it - an 11-second, gently nuked, plain ole, heavily glazed, raised donut. You can see how in love I am with donuts when I use four adjectives and two adverbs.

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I will get to a point here, but bear with me a minute. I am not sure what your special Choice treats are, but for me, it took me years to figure out the foods I was willing to “waste my workout calories on.” I no longer was willing to eat Oreos or chocolate cake or gingersnaps just because I liked “bake goods.” I got specific. I am telling you I rarely satisfy my sugar tooth on anything other than my “Choice Foods.”

I know what I like when it comes to treats and sweets. I refuse to waste my calories eating things I do not like. Understand though, it took years to figure out through experimentation what I desired, what made me feel good or not, why I chose the food, etc. So again, you won’t catch me wasting my sweaty workout calories on Saltines, Craisins or FooFoo drinks. When I choose a special Choice food, it’s donuts and carrot cake, man! And it is special!!!

Diets “die.”

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I just want to say, I am really glad you are sitting here on the caffeine couch with me. Bahaha. Now let’s talk nutrition the 3WP way.

FOOD IS FUEL. That simple-yet that complicated.

AND, YOU ARE ALL BIG GIRLS AND BOYS and can and will choose the damn foods you want to eat. Be transparent and let’s go to town choosing your “favorite” or “choice” foods and picking what calories you want to consume. It’s about choosing. Even choosing to move a bit more or choosing a positive approach to life make a difference in choosing “choice” foods. Learn to be mindful. I bet the farm (if I had one) that living in a world of making “choices” will change your life – and if wine is one of those you choose, let’s get to work on skipping Boones Farm Tickle Me Pink (I just dated myself didn’t I), and maybe you will choose a weekend of Brie and a bottle of Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet.

wine is fuel too coach peggy

Healthy nutrition has been said to be 80% responsible for getting us to and keeping us at a healthy weight goal.

Though I agree with these studies, I know that without a rock solid Mindset (strong habits, emotional and behavioral management…), we do not stay focused on fueling our bodies. Diets “die.” Your Mindset will get and keep you using Food as Fuel. (More on Mindset under Pillar #3). For now…

Back to chatting about nutrition. Food is tough if it is your addiction. We all have some sort of addictions: gambling, drugs, alcohol, working too much, etc. Food is a hard one because we require food to live. It is readily available-every street corner.

The government has so many trade deals that unhealthy food costs are ridiculously cheap. You can sneak a food addiction easily; binge; lie about it; and more. Food reminds us of our past-Grandmas’ cookies. It “comforts” us when we are depressed or alone.


It causes us to feel we can control it, though not recognizing we are actually out of control. The more we eat, the more we want. And its overuse or frankly under use (other eating disorders) also stem from a plethora of emotions before, during and after consumption. It is an addiction. Mimicking many other addictive behaviors and feelings.

When we focus on Food is Fuel, we first chat about what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. What plans have you followed before and how long were the plans successful. We talk about family history and habits around foods. We talk about the relationship with food: what does it make you feel like, when do you abuse it, do you know why? We make lists of favorite foods and foods we really don’t like that still end up in our pantries for whatever reason.

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We also conduct a ton of experiments as I mentioned I have conducted on myself. A lot of answers are uncovered with experiments. We will do a week or two of no dairy or no breads or no whites (white bread, rice, pasta, etc.), no gluten, no sugar, no caffeine, only plant protein, no fast food, no calorie drinks, no breakfast…and more. 


These experiments allow clients to see how they feel with and without certain foods. And more importantly these experiments allow them to make decisions that will fit for them personally and for their lifestyle and family- build their food plan into their Real World.

Then it is time to chat about preparing and planning. It is vital to be REAL with your life-your schedule. How busy are you? Who is going to buy, prepare lunches or meals, design menus, etc. You? Family? Hire it done? What are you going to do when you drive for a living or work in the oil field or sit at a medical office front desk all day – how are you going to fuel up?

As you can see nutrition is waaaay more than throwing a cookie-cutter plan at someone.

If you truly believe that Food is Fuel, then you understand in order to keep your brain functioning, your muscles firing, reduce chronic disease and maintain a healthy weight your vehicle (body) needs high-quality octane fuel (food). And maintain your vehicle (body) with daily care, proper maintenance checks (scale, circumference measurements, doctor visits, labs, and more).

MMMM. Thanks for hanging out. Caffeine and Donut down the hatch.

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