Pillar Three: Mindset

What is Pillar #3?

OOH I love love love a second cup of coffee.


And more than that, I love that you are still sitting with me on the Coach Couch where we talk about all things wellness. If you wound up on this page, hopefully you already visited Pillar #1: Nutrition (FOOD IS FUEL) and then you moved on to Pillar #2: Exercise/Movement. Main stream focuses on those two pillars alone. Yes, they are the main squeeze, BUT there is one thing I know after all my years in this industry – if we don’t increase our self-awareness, build confidence, follow our heart and figure out our own movie, it doesn’t matter whether we know what a macro-nutrient is or how tight our a** is. So what am I talking about, you cutie patootie?  Let’s yik yak about Pillar #3: Mindset, habits, behavior management…the


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I love the Mindset pillar because it is often undiscovered territory –the client’s Wellness Wild West. When the saloon gates of trust open and a client lets me delve (willing or unwillingly) into the juiciest part of their health, wellness and life successes and “failures” or their feelings or their behaviors or their true thoughts or darkest self-talk – that is when I sit up tall because I feel like I have been given keys to the bank. You know the Wild West always has a bank doesn’t it? Okay, maybe I went metaphorically too far. Honestly, though, being trusted and “let in” speeds up the process. Neither of us have the time nor energy to play games and earn Emmy’s faking all is well in the world of weighing 350 lbs. No one gets to 350 lbs. nor down to 80 lbs. without putting in a lot of mental muscle. So tossing all bullshit aside – I get real and FAST.

Sometimes I maneuver in sensible and methodical ways, but the majority of the time in ways that seem as imbalanced and irrelevant such as showing up to a dual in a swimsuit. Okay, maybe I have had too much caffeine today. Back to the point I am trying to make. I do always have a point.

Eating healthy and moving more is not just about the knowledge to do so.

It is not just about the awareness to do so. It is not just about wanting to do so. The success of eating healthy and moving more is about our resiliency in managing the ebb and flow of life – what I call the Roller Coaster of Life (RCL). How have we handled the hiccups life threw at us in our past – how do we cope now day to day? Huh? Our past, present and future muck up everything. But we can become Mindset Masters and ride that damn coaster up and over gnarly hills, stay on track through the curviest of challenges, loopty-looing over huge obstacles.

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We dive into your past and present habits, emotions, influences and behaviors. We uncover how they worked together to wire your current coping skills, your current habits and your current behaviors in areas like: your social environment and relationships or your self-image and confidence; how your current “movie” is influencing your mindset, self-talk and even metabolism; your lack of organizational skills or other stressors such as finances that might be freaking you to hell out or even why you haven’t identified any passions – your history of “mindset, habits and behavior management” all affect whether you will stay on an eating plan and have a desire to keep moving?


and keeps the other two standing. You might even be one of those that unconsciously makes yourself sick to “get out” of being truly healthy or perhaps deep down you are afraid of the attention you will get when you are healthy? WELL YUPPERS – Mindset – our 3rd Pillar – is the GLUE to keeping you on the RCL track (extra point: you remembered that RCL stands for Roller Coast of Life).

Listen, I am no Spring Chicken, so I know and respect getting and staying healthy can feel like there are more moving parts than a Chinese checker game (PS: there are 60 pieces in the game-bahaha-I knew you were wondering), but with the proper strategies, tools, motivation and accountability – you got this, ya’all. We got this. Once a Client – Always Family! Love you Mean It.

We are all perfectly imperfect. We all have a fantastic movie that is far from over. We all can write our own script on living the best version of ourselves. And, my loves, without extensive wiring, re-wiring and more re-wiring of our Pillar #3: mindset/habits/behavior management – eating carrots and signing up for 5ks WILL NOT keep the weight off nor keep you off insulin. Bam! Mic drop!

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