Pillar Two: Exercise

What is Pillar Number Two?

Hi again…I am sure you read up on FOOD IS FUEL in the Pillar #1 Catalog. Therefore, you know we already had an awesome cup of coffee and a delish scrumbscious donut…mmm. One of my “Choice” foods. The thought still lingers in my mind.

How about we get off the couch for a bit and grab a yoga mat. Let’s stretch out while we chat. After all we are talking Pillar #2: EXERCISE/MOVEMENT. You will earn a lot of Unicorn Magic results when you learn to balance Pillar #1 (nutrition) with Pillar #2 (exercise/movement). Whether your health goal is to gain weight, maintain weight, or lose weight. How do we figure this out? Experiments – yes, more experiments. We will determine your favorite exercise options.

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However:  Mastering Pillar #1 and #2 is frankly about the strength of Pillar #3. . .

THE GLUE: mindset/habits/behavior management. We will chat about that more in Pillar #3 though.

Back to moving. We experiment with fitness, too. I like to call it “finding your fun.” You know the exercise stuff you do when you don’t think you are actually exercising. For some it is shooting hoops, kayaking, or mountain climbing. I will pry into your history with successes and lessons you have learned with movement.

I mean, it’s a duh.

Example, if you tell me you have had a gym membership ten times yet rarely went more than 15 times each year or if you had a several trainers over the years, and still have a dozen sessions left from a year ago…I will likely suggest, “Never show your face in the gym again and never waste your hard-earned money on a trainer again.”

I mean, it’s a duh. 'So now what?' you ask. Why do the same crap over and over again? Let’s do what you haven’t done before.

Most exercise is cookie-cutter too, just like diets. The same old treadmill, dumbbell routine, smart watch, step challenge badge programs. Together we strive to develop Your Dirty Dozen which is a list you can go straight to when you start to get bored with any movement routine. You will have tons of things to choose from that work for you and that you determined through experiments. You don’t have to default to 3 sets of 12 lunges.

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After creating a list of Fitness is Fun exercises or routines you have never done, you have to try all of them. Collect the data. Love em, hate em, or maybe there is a  bunch of middling mezza-mezzas.

These can be added to your favorites you may have defaulted to in the past. We may find you are a hula hoop master or will end up my next Zumba instructor. No *hit this happened. Like this awesome chic was at a boot camp I coached, and she took a Zumba class and months later lost weight, got certified and teaches to this day. Zumba is my default. I love to shake my money maker.

The key with the Dirty Dozen is to build in some fun and sweat like a sieve while you are at it. Don’t get me wrong Pilates can be on your list, but at least 75% of your list needs to have a sweat factor such as Tabata, swimming, etc. You need to get your heart rate into your target heart rate zone at least four times a week based on your personal goals.

Move it or lose it they say. Moving reduces some effects of aging including discomfort of osteoarthritis. It reduces your risk of heart disease, high blood pressureosteoporosisdiabetes, and obesity. With movement you joints, tendons, and ligaments remain flexible making you less likely to fall or get injured. Not to mention for most of us improvement and balance in mental well-being and improvement or avoidance of depression, stress and anxiety. Then there are the duhs: increase in energy and endurance, sleep quality improvement, and assists in maintaining a normal weight by increasing your metabolism (the rate you burn calories).

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