Who is 3WP?

Coach Peggy’s Story 

Grab an espresso and let's get acquainted...oh and just one donut, please...

I must say I have always had a hard time compartmentalizing my personal and professional life. I just smoosh them together like a warm PB&J. Why- - -because I am innately wired to be a part of others’ self-discovery and improvement. Thus, the bleed over. Witnessing others find the best version of themselves not just nutritionally and physically, but in terms of finding or improving self-love, confidence, and positive social relationships, to learn that food is fuel not foe, physical strength rules appearance, sleep is sexy, all leave me screaming "You deserve everything! You are everything!" YES, I ride Unicorns!

And, yes, I have lots of issues, too. Dang! Where do I begin? I have always been physically, mentally and emotionally active. Spiritual activity was slower to catch on. My biggest struggles surround the good ole "caring for others" thingamabob. But I know my Red Flags: working too many hours, putting my own nutrition on the back burner, lack of quality sleeping and battling migraines. So I get it. Being healthy is a tough balance, is not always EASY, and it can feel like a job! And guess what there is NO CURE! What? No cure to wellness...[insert pause...take another sip of that simmering espresso.]

With 30 years experience in the health, wellness, fitness, medical and academic industries, I have been blessed to work hand in hand with thousands of clients from high school students to military dependents and the enlisted to athletic competitors to eating disorders to co-morbid disease states in diabetes trials to every corporate wellness environment you can just about imagine. I know-vomit-enough already. You want more dish.

Though I have had a diverse career, I have also hovered in the same lane. WHY, you ask? Well you see, my passion and purpose is aligned with a love to watch people light up like a Christmas Tree when they experience an Aha. When they truly get a concept or try something a million different ways until it settles and makes sense for THEM. Wellness is chock full of Ahas if you believe in your peeps long enough. And, I believe. Top that off with some cupcake frosting licking time. Yes, Yes, I love meeee some baked goods. That's why I live in a Bargain World... Z u m b a = D o n u t s.

So anyway...you know, I am still in touch with clients from back in the day of leg warmers and matching bandanas? WTH. Well you can stay in touch with peeps longer when you do the same thing this long – they sure can find you easier. But hey, when your "job” is a passion, the job isn’t a "job.” With endless, creative solutions, strategies and tools and a gazzillion experiments for us to play with, all married up with my no-nonsense, shish on the excuses (I have heard them all), getterdun approach, know together you are destined to be successful if you do the actions! You either like me to hate me or hate to hate me or hate to like me-but one way or the other you know where I stand.

You know I will be transparent, authentic and that I love you and I mean it! You know I believe you are stronger, smarter and braver than you do, and you know I will say, “Pretend to trust me until you do.” I know, blah blah blah-but basically what I am telling ya, I really love what I do, where I do it, how I do it and I don't want to do anything else. A few more things...[insert, "Filler up, Martha, coffee gett'n cold!”]

Forever, I have heard clients say: "I am too busy-wellness feels selfish-being healthy is hard-I’m different-I can't follow a plan in my real world." Therefore, after a lifetime of working for others who didn’t get it (yeah, I mean Corporate America, you smart little chickadee), I founded 3WellnessPillars on the premise of creating solutions for Real People in their Real World. An experience where clients have the authority to decide if they want to fit into a self-help book, a certain nutrition plan or even be at the gym. Never again, did I want a client to feel like the cookie cutter, black and white wellness whatever was the All Mighty Way to the Maintenance Promise Land. It is not. It's about living the healthiest THEM that they can in their world. It is THEIR lifestyle. It is their glass of wine and their squats, dammit.

So we throw open the doors with twists in tools and strategies that work for individuals at work, home and play and we offer diverse products: coaching virtually (one-on-ones, buddies, couples, small group series), MASTER CLASS workshops, corporate wellness and wellness retreats, and a new radio talk show starting in 2019…more to come.

I love our virtual product because I can go anywhere with our clients whether they are at home, traveling on business or vacation. And this model also allowed me to work with clients all over the world. Including our unique 12-week corporate initiatives where we deliver the first and last sessions on site at work with the remaining 10 weeks in virtual groups of 15 employees. We get right into their REAL WORLD because you can't figure it out at Lunch & Learns.

So once again, the truth is there‘s no wellness “fix or cure.” If there were, wellness would not be a trillion do$$ar indu$try. Wellness is ever-evolving, never-ending. Boot camps or retreats or gyms or books or even surgeries are not stand-alone fixes. The stresses of our day to day, our relationship ups and down, personal habits, behaviors that have followed us and are so embedded, and so much more, make each of us unique - yet different. [insert...mmmm caffeine]

3WP focuses literally on three wellness pillars: 1) nutrition as fuel 2) exercise/movement 3) mindset/habits/behavior management. We work with clients to develop REAL-LIFE strategies and implement sound tools to give them control in living their healthiest and ridding black and white thinking and cookie-cutter ANYTHING.

In summary, we do not endorse a specific diet or a specific fitness program. Together, we teach you to become your own Mindset Master embedding healthy habits and behaviors from finance and career to sleep to nutrition to movement to organization and so much more.

I love Ahas. I embrace clients with tough love, empowerment and no judgment. I see how smart, brave and beautiful they are often before they see it themselves. ACTIONS+MOTIVATION=SUCCESS. And as I say, “You are not that special - we all have *hit!” 

But honestly – once a client…always Family.

Love you, mean it, Coach Peggy