Working Together: The Full Story

Here we go!

The full story...

3WP is a health, wellness and life coaching business created on the foundation of three wellness pillars. Like duh, right. Pillar #1 is Nutrition. Did you know that nutrition is 80% of getting to and staying at a weight loss goal? Pillar #2 is Exercise/Movement. We don’t use it, we lose it, Sista. Pillar #3 is Mindset/Behaviors/Habits. Pillar #3 is The Glue. Without a positive, strong and challenged Mindset, frankly Pillar #1 and #2 cannot stand. They crumble like my Momma’s Carrot Cake.

Healthy Carrot Cake

We pride ourselves in the ability to help you understand your current REAL LIFE and how you can live a healthier lifestyle based on your desires and needs. Yeah, like your life. What a concept. Let me ask, how often has a diet book author or personal trainer asked you, “Do you work 60 hours or 10? Do you have 4 children or none? Do you have diabetes or heart disease, under or overweight? Do you have a spouse that constantly sabotages all your goals?”

Let me grab my wallet, so I can put my money on the NEVER ASKED button.

But why don’t they ask those specifics? After all, THIS IS YOUR REAL LIFE? Don’t ask me a questions, if you don’t want the answer…soooooo here you go…Frankly, they don’t ask because you take too much time to figure out. They want to sell you a one-size-fits-all diet, program, mantra and move on to the next sale. Yup – you are a number.

Not at 3WP. We are not a “laterally designed” business where we affect millions of people at a subcutaneous 1” depth just to make a buck. We want to change lives and generations. We will work with you til our knuckles bleed and until we see your Aha. BTW, we know you are having an Aha when we see those gorgeous eyeballs open wide and your iris is surrounded by ivory white – followed by a sigh and a head nod. Oh yeah, baby, that’s an Aha.

We know one thing about humans, we have the right to experiment and we are also a pretty cheap science experiment. Try it – works or it doesn’t. Next. Why do we experiment – come, on, peeps you know the answer: because we are different, our lives are different, our history is different and each of our personal experiments might be different. Answer 3WP because again our coaching, our passion and our heart is engulfed in you and your success.

So let’s clarify a couple more things before you go…like what is an experiment?

Since we do not endorse any particular cookie-cutter diet, we gather your nutrition history and habits and together test different nutrition plans to include certain food categories. We might try to eliminate dairy one week, gluten the next or detox sugar, and see how you feel, what emotions did it trigger, blah blah blah. You may end up on the Mediterranean diet or a concoction of your own.

And since we do not endorse any particular cookie-cutter gym or trainer program, we gather your exercise history and habits and experiment through a variety of exercise plans to keep you challenged, energized, and frankly fitness will only last if you find the fun. You may end up a Hula Hoop champ. Hell yeah.

coach peggy hoola hoop

So let’s tie this up, my coffee is cold anyway…3WellnessPillars is based on YOUR REAL LIFE – Your Wellness Wheel which includes 14 dimensions of wellness from creativity, organization, your professional development, connections, nutrition, exercise and more. 3WP is about YOU!