100g (1/4lb) Healing Tumble Chakra Amethyst Crystal/Stones

100g (1/4lb) Healing Tumble Chakra Amethyst Crystal/Stones

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Coach says that many peeps use crystals and stones for energy work. Here is an interesting read from those who work with crystal energy...

Amethyst crystals have been used since ancient times for healing. The Greeks used to make their goblets with Amethyst, believing it would prevent them from becoming inebriated. This crystal is used today to help beat addictions. Luckily for us, Amethyst can be found almost anywhere, and originates from many countries including Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Europe, East Africa, United States, Canada, Bolivia, Uruguay, Mexico, and Brazil.

Amethyst is a gorgeous strong and luckily has a strong vibration that provides powerful healing, spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

Grab one for your pocket or purse or give away in a nice gift tag.

100g (approx 1/4lb) free, loose tumble stones