Happy Holiday Train (HHT) - 8 Weeks Coaching with Peggy

Happy Holiday Train (HHT) - 8 Weeks Coaching with Peggy

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GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT to yourself or to another.

Take a ride on our Happy Holiday 8 week Tour Train. Here are our tours:

  • Trick or Treat Recovery Tour=Coming off the Sugar High
  • Gobble Gobble Tour= Blessings/“Tempting” Challenge/Accountability
  • Grateful Tour 1=Family Wellness History and Habits
  • Grateful Tour 2=Personal Wellness History and Habits
  • 12 Days of Christmas Tour 1=Self-Awareness, Self-Wellness
  • 12 Days of Christmas Tour 2=Self-Awareness, Self-Wellness
  • Circle of Giving Tour Dec 19 or 20=Cupeth Runeth Over
  • Holiday Hover & Recover Tour Dec 26 or 27=Chill & Be Still/What Just Happened
  • In-With-the-New Tour Jan 2 or 3=2019 Reflection & Redirection

The most consistent, weight-gaining months span from Halloween through New Year’s with Americans gaining on average between 5-10+ pounds. You also hear how holidays are so stressful and dreadful-and it shouldn’t be. Families are losing their Happy holiday memories and traditions. YOU can change this! If you want to stay on a manageable nutrition plan when there are so many of your favorite, holiday foods to eat, enjoy family traditions while trying to maintain your sanity, learn how to make a bit of the gift-giving season about YOU, and then make your New Year’s Resolution look differently and doable, then gift yourself a ticket and maybe pay it forward to a special person as well, and join the 8-week ride…All Aboard the Holiday Happy Train “  Pillar Order: 1/2/3.