Orient Chinese Old Circle Door Photography Backdrop

Orient Chinese Old Circle Door Photography Backdrop

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Coach says taking family or client photos with super cool backdrops changes everything. Maybe you are a virtual teacher and want to spice up your education videos or a coach who likes to brighten virtual client sessions or better yet you are a podcasts or radio show stud, backdrops are a duh. Coach loves them. The best is how well they travel. Just spin the hotel desk around, clamp your back drop onto the room curtains and no one would ever know you are taping your show right next to a bed. Very professional.

In order to transport, the package will be folded resulting in creasing. Use the steam iron, pressing the back to remove creases; roll it up tightly with a cylinder for 3-4 days.


Type: Spray Painted
Material: Chemical Fiber InkJet Fabric/Polyester