Sandalwood Buddhist 216 Mala Prayer Bead Bracelet/Necklace

Sandalwood Buddhist 216 Mala Prayer Bead Bracelet/Necklace

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Coach says that many peeps use mala bead necklaces or bracelets for meditation or prayer. 

  • This mala is made of Sandalwood 
  • size:6mm / 216 Prayer Bead

Here is a mala practice you might want to try that is simple, easy, and enjoyable. Follow these 8 steps to get started:

  1. Clarify the intention of your practice and choose your mantra, prayer or affirmation.
  2. Find a comfortable space and sit quietly in a cross legged position.
  3. Close your eyes and observe the speed and depth of your natural breath.
  4. Begin to breathe deeply and bring your focus and attention onto your mantra or affirmation.
  5. Hang the first mala bead gently on the middle or ring finger of your right hand.
  6. Place your thumb on the guru bead and begin reciting your mantra.
  7. At the end of the mantra push the mala bead away with your thumb and move onto the next bead for another round. Continue until you reach a count on 7, 21, 27, or 108 AND some beads are in strands of 216 beads.
  8. If you wish to do another round of mantras or affirmations, do not skip over the guru bead. Instead, turn the mala around and move in the opposite direction.