Trifecta: Intensive Transformation System

Trifecta: Intensive Transformation System

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(3 months ~ 3 steps ~ 3 pillars): ADVANCED PROGRAM

This program requires a completed application. $999/person email for details.

You will form life-long connections with other diverse, brilliant and beautiful ladies. You will embark on a 90-day virtual health/wellness/life coaching adventure.

You will conquer three steps in your personal Transformation System:

1. Self-Discovery, Experiments & New System Foundation (your own Wellness Map) 2. Support, Accountability
3. Mentoring Network

You will learn to blend the three wellness pillars throughout your Transformation System:

1. Nutrition: food is fuel; friend not foe
2. Movement: finding fitness fun; it’s not an option, and
3. Mindset/Emotions: behavior and lifestyle management

You will become a Trifecta Transformation System Graduate