Owl Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces
Owl Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces
Owl Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces
Owl Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces

Owl Wooden Russian Nesting Dolls 5 Pieces

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Coach uses metaphors, mantras, alarms and anchors to embed healthy habits with her clients. These owl nesting dolls represent how smart we are and the concept of nesting dolls themselves: smaller to larger and each fitting within their larger self, represent a few of Coach's concepts. If you want to work with Coach to become happier, healthier, stronger and braver than you are - reach out via email: coachpeggy@3wellnesspillars.com.

Here is a quick overview / visual anchors Coach uses personally and with clients. Coach Peggy Owl Nesting Doll Concepts:

1) The importance of growth. Each part of our story leads to growth. 

2) As we grow, we become healthier and "larger" versions of ourselves.

3) We must take along with us what we have learned (our smaller owl "smart version of ourselves/lessons learned") - what we have learned is vital to our future.

4) We need to get outside our comfort zone - step into your "larger doll." We must move outside our comfort zone or perhaps our current struggle. Break out of our "shell" and become smarter, braver and smarter. Let go of FEAR. We don't have to fall back into the smaller shells of ourselves.  

5) We must learn to set boundaries to protect our own health - our own wellness focus or goals or even our dreams. Don't give all of your physical, emotional or spiritual self or (protect your time). Set a "boundary" (larger doll is your boundary) or think about the "outer" shell of your current sized doll (current journey) as a boundary.

6) Surrounding ourselves with self-care, love and healthier habits - begin with baby steps. Each baby step leads into another step forward...new learnings. All of a sudden you find yourself living in a bigger version of yourself (your "larger doll").

7) We must continue to strive through our journeys not falling back into our older selves and our older habits - the previous version of ourselves. Take all you have learned, step inside a bigger version of yourself YET YET AT TIMES, we should take a peek back to remind ourselves of our inner values, integrity, dreams and goals. Remind ourselves of how far we have come. And "Break free" yet again.

Five different sized Owl dolls are hand-crafted.
The Biggest One Size:Approx. 13.5 x 7cm/ 5.31 x 2.76 inch
The Smallest One Size:Approx. 3.8 x 1.3cm/ 1.49 x 0.51 inch